Holy Bucket Productions

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Holy Bucket Productions is a media company with a passion for telling stories which change the way people live. Whether it be yarns told around the fire or flickering images on a screen,  the power of the well-told story to transform the ordinary into something special remains.

This small enterprise is driven by the folly that the best way to make things happen is to start doing them now; to live as if they already exist. Because of this we produce films, books and plays without asking for permission or waiting for someone to approve.

We focus on the creative potential of a story rather than the budget. And we have the skills to make things happen when others might see only the difficulties. The Holy Bucket is a celebration of people and life and possibility.

New Zealand poet James K. Baxter likened his verse to a bucket of water drawn from the creek. Holy Bucket Productions attempts to continue dredging at the same source, however holey our bucket might be.

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